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Alexei Sultanov - Unofficial Web Page

This page is an unoffical web page of the pianist, Alexei Sultanov by a Japanese supporter. This page shows kinds of information about Sultanov.

playing at Tower Records Shibuya
(1999/3/6 at Tower Records Shibuya)

Japanese page is here

The main language of this web site is Japanese. So Japanese pages have much more information. However you can understand almost all of the contents in English(and actually in many other languages) if you use AltaVista's translation service . Just input the url "http://www.kt.rim.or.jp/~ymura/index.html" into the Altavista's form, or just click here to read in English. If you have any question or opinion about this page, please let me know in e-mail at ymura@catnet.ne.jp.

Page History

Page history


Regrettably Alexei Sultanov has passed away. To honor this remarkable man's life with music and the sharing of memories, contributions are still welcome. Your support is greatly appreciated. You can make a contribution on him for sending it to the following address.

The name of the bank was changed. Please be careful
Alexei Sultanov Benefit Fund, South Trust Bank. Fort Worth, TX 76132

Routing nb : 113 024 520
Account nb : 34 579 946

Writing cards to Dace and the Sultanov family is also highly appreciated. You can write a card to the address in his homepage (at the section of "his manger").

Especially, Dace wants us to write our favorite memories of him. We should write those memories to Dace. Thank you for all of your corporation. Please remember that Alexei used to love to be talked about himself.
You can write directly to his guestbook, or you can just send cards to her.

Drinking noni juice can help Sultanov

Do you know noni juice? Noni juice is a wonderful healthy drink. It has helped so many people build their immune systems, gain energy, overcome health challenges and just feel better all around.
Alexei and Dace are interested in this juice very much. Noni juice made Alexei healthier and they believe the power of this juice. Acutally, Alexei was given the Noni juice through a feeding tube at the hospital last year when he developed a bacteria infection.
Alexei and Dace was once a distributor of noni juice, but regrettably they have to give up because of economical problem (They are also too busy to do presentations and so on.). However, one of their kindest friend, Libby Tilton who is also a distributor of noni juice kindly offered that she will make the donation back to them for purchases of the juice.
You can order noni juice at the following address http://www.tahitiannoni.com/Libby_Tilton or call the 800# 1-800-445-2969 and use her id number 1552045.

Purchasing noni juice can make you much healthier and also help the Sultanovs very much. Let's have a try!


e-mail address
This page is provided by a Alexei Sultanov's faithful Japanese supporter. Since the creater of this site is not a English native speaker, your help would be highly appreciated. If you noticed some of the inappropriate term, please let me know. Thank you.
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